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CORE...Choosing Openness Regarding Experiences...

A project designed to spread awareness and education about suicide through speakers, presentations as well as providing a safe place for people to express themselves.

"Don't Hold it In" by Karson Lyon


One million people each year die by suicide. 28,000 of those are Americans, that’s 75 people per day every 18 minutes.

“90% of people who die by suicide had a treatable condition, 22 veterans a day die by suicide. [Things like] depression and PTSD are real.”  ~ Kari Swanson, founder of CORE

In a youth risk survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of American youth reported seriously considering suicide.


“Suicide needs to be less taboo. The same way we talk about cancer, sex, domestic violence, talking about suicide as easy as we talk about those subjects can save lives. ~ Kari Swanson


Kari Swanson 


Attn: CORE

200 Market Street

Warren, PA 16365

Board of Directors

Mark Hecht

Ruth Nelson

Kari Swanson

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